How to get here?

You are great! You already have a conference ticket and need to find out how to get here? This page explains possibilities how to get to the conference.


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
Ilkovičova 2
842 16 Bratislava 4

Travelling to Bratislava

Bratislava patrí medzi najmladšie hlavné mestá Európy. Napriek tomu má bohatú históriu slobodného kráľovského korunovačného mesta. Vtedy bola ešte Prešporkom nazývaná. Dnes je Bratislava významný dopravný uzol v strednej Európe a možností, ako sa sem dostať, je neúrekom.

By air

If you are travelling to Bratislava, you can fly to the Bratislava airport (airport code: BTS) or the Vienna airport (airport code: VIE). There are shuttle buses running between Bratislava and Vienna airport every hour and they are relatively cheap (the bus ride costs about EUR 7 one way). The selection of flights to Vienna is better than to Bratislava.

There are two bus companies operating airport shuttles between Vienna airport and Bratislava: SlovakLines (red buses) and Blaguss (silver buses). Blaguss is faster and somewhat cheaper however SlovakLines will take you directly to the bus station. Their schedule is available on their website.

By car

  • From Vienna, take highway A4, heading to Schwechat airport, when possible take the exit that leads to highway A6, which heads towards Bratislava.
  • From Budapest, take highway M1 heading to Gyor, follow this route until you see signs for highway M15 headed to Slovakia and Bratislava.
  • From Prague, take highway D1 to Brno, once in Brno take highway D2 heading to Slovakia and Bratislava.
  • From Warsaw, take highway A1 heading to Katowice. From there follow the road for Čadca, Slovakia. Take this road all the way to Žilina, then switch to highway D1 to Bratislava.

By bus

All neighbouring capital cities Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and Kiev have direct bus connections.

Once you arrive at the Bratislava bus station (Mlynské Nivy), you'll need to walk through the terminal towards its main entrance. Take a left and walk about 70 meters towards a busy street. Do not cross the street. There will be public transportation bus stops immediately on your right hand side.

By train

All neighboring capital cities Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and Kiev have direct train connections.

Once you arrive at the Bratislava train station (Bratislava hlavná stanica), you'll need to walk through the terminal towards its main entrance. Directly in front of the main entrance you'll find all your public transportation options on your right hand side.

Travelling around Bratislava and to the conference

By car

  • Coming from the direction of BRNO -> BRATISLAVA from highway D-2, E65 to Lamačská road during Sitina tunnel (or via Patrónka) turn right to Mlynská dolina.
  • Coming from the direction of NITRA, ŽILINA -> BRATISLAVA from highway D-1, E75 continue in the direction of Wien, Györ, Brno, turn on the Lafranconi bridge - direction towards Brno and Mlynská dolina.
  • Coming from the direction of VIEDEŇ -> BRATISLAVA from road E58 (border) direction Brno to Lafranconi bridge, turn towards Mlynská dolina.
  • For your convenience, please use a GPS and navigate to: Bratislava, Ilkovičova 2, (Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies), coordinates: 48.153429, 17.071716

If you travel by car, there will be plenty of parking space available in front of the conference center.

Public transport

To get to the conference venue from bus station, take bus number 70 towards “Most SNP” and get off at stop “Most SNP”. The ride takes about 5 minutes, depending on the traffic. You have several options to change

  • bus number 30 or 37 and get off at stop “ZOO”. The ride takes 5-7 minutes again depending on traffic.


  • bus number 28 or 29 or tram number 4, 5, 6 or 9 and get off at stop “Botanická záhrada”. The ride takes 6-9 minutes, depending on traffic.

To get to the conference venue from the train station, take bus number 32 towards “Dlhé diely” and get off at stop “ZOO”. The ride takes 12-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

To get to the conference venue from the hotel Ibis, you need to go to the stop “Zochova” and take bus number 31 or 39 towards “Cintorín Slávičie údolie” and get off at the stop “ZOO”. The ride takes 8-10 minutes depending on the traffic.

There will be signs from the bus stop leading towards the venue. Please check out "Google Street View" beforehand to be sure where you're going and what you'll be looking for.

Public transport tickets

You can buy tickets from the yellow vending machines or kiosks. They accept Euro coins. Alternatively you can also purchase tickets in newsstands. There are a wide variety of tickets, you can buy a 90-cent ticket that is valid for only 30 minutes or there are 24- or 72-hour tickets. You can change buses and trams freely with any valid ticket. You need to stamp, (have the ticket validated) in the machine once you enter the bus or tram. Once the ticket is stamped, it is valid for 30 minutes or whatever time frame you've purchased. You can change to another bus or tram (but do NOT mark the ticket again, only do it the first time you get on). Students with ISIC cards can buy discounted tickets, more information on Bratislava Public Transport website.

SMS ticket

If you are using a phone with a Slovak carrier (SIM cards from other countries do not support this) you can buy tickets by sending empty SMS to number 1100 and you will receive SMS with the ticket in about 2 minutes.

Price for the SMS ticket is EUR 1 and the ticket is valid for 70 minutes. Important: DO NOT enter the bus or tram after you send the SMS, ONLY get on after you receive the confirmation SMS. More information on Bratislava Public Transport website.

Other transport options

There are several Uber-like services operating in Bratislava: Uber, Hopin.

You can also take a regular taxi, however be aware that it's best to order a taxi directly from your phone to your exact location. If you just “step in” a taxi on the street, the ride will be several times more expensive.



There are plenty of opportunities for accommodation in Bratislava. From coach surfing, Airbnb to hostels and five star hotels. Even though it is not the main tourist season, we advise you to book your accommodations in advance. The closest hotel to conference is Hotel Družba. Most of the speakers will stay in Hotel Ibis in the town center. The hotel Ibis will also host the Saturday night dinner.


Bratislava offers much more than just PyCon. If you decide to stay in Bratislava a few days longer, have a look at M_P_BA (alternative map of Bratislava) which lists popular attractions as well as unusual destinations within the city. Check out peoples' comments to find out about each location or event.

Or you can review the official city guide for visitors, where you can also find other events that are happening in Bratislava.

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